Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Garlic-Butter shrimp with Pasta Alfredo

Ok, this is a REALLY simple dish to make, takes like 30 minutes and you got a nice lunch/dinner. You will need:

Some shrimp - however many you wanna eat, I suppose
Some pasta - same
A couple of chive/green onion stalks
Some butter/margarine
Garlic (minced) or even garlic powder
Lemon-pepper or Lemon
Alfredo Sauce

I start out with boiling water for pasta, as the shrimp is the quick part, even with peeling (if its raw). While that's cooking, start on your shrimp. Doesn't matter what kind of you get, but I prefer to get the unpeeled, raw kind - it really gets a much better texture and flavor if you cook it yourself, instead of basically heating the pre-cooked one. But it's up to you, really.

Toss some butter on a skillet - high-ish heat. Let it warm up. Toss the shrimp on. Stir often. Remember - shrimp cooks REALLY quickly, so don't let it sit, otherwise it will be rubbery.
Dive up so,e green onions./chives - I usually do it at a slant, it looks prettier that way. You can also toss that right at the end.
Toss salt, lemon-pepper, garlic, to taste. I would have added something sweet (like honey) to make it a bit sour-sweet, but I didn't have any, so I don't know how that's gonna come out.
Remember - use salt sparingly. For some reason it's really easy to oversalt shrimp, I dunno why.

When pasta is ready, put it in bowls, pour Alfredo over it, and stir it up a bit. Then place the shrimp on top. Guaranteed amazing-looking and tasting meal.

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