Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh-Ehm-Gee Curry Lentils

This is what I shall call this dish. OMG-curry lentils. I just had a bowl of it and I still want more.
Ever since Kim left back home, I've been craving Thai-Ethiopian food. I have 2 packets of curry paste - green and red. I was going to make some curry dishes for Kim, but never got around it, so I decided to use some of that curry and see waht I can make.

What came out was: OMG.

You will need:

- Lentils (!)
- Curry paste (I used the red. It looked less spicy by the ingredient list. I don't like spicy)
- Tomatoes
- Lime
- Cilantro
- Onions
- Salt
- Veg. oil

Boil "some" lentils. Until soft - just follow instructions. Once lentils are ready - drain them in a colander (I use the one with fine mesh to make sure all the water is out).
Heat up a flat skillet with some oil. Dice up onion and let it start cooking. Once the onions are almost done - throw on the lentils. Stir frequently, lower the heat - don't let the lentils burn.
Now the curry paste was tricky - it was very...pasty. I dropped just a half of teaspoon in there, and I could tell the taste is going to be phenomenal. I stirred and stirred until all of the paste got dispersed throughout the food.
Then I squeezed half-lime worth of lime juice. Threw some cilantro in and some salt.
Turn off the heat.
Dice up tomatoes, remove the mushy middles. Use roma tomatoes, or anything that's hard, basically. Dice up, and throw in. Let the tomatoes be cold, but the rest hot.

I guarantee you will love it. Kim, let me know if you cannot find this kind of paste, and I will sent you some from here. Oh, and it does also taste a bit like Ethiopian food.


  1. OK. I literally have a watering mouth... yummm. And I am DYING to get back to that store you got there. I am going to bring a big ass cooler in February and STOCK UP. LOL.

  2. This sounds interesting! Yesterday happens to be the first time i tried making a thai butternut curry, and i used that red curry paste too - i have found a new meal to add to my favourites list!!! There's a can of coconut milk in there too...i think it's divine. :)



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