Friday, October 22, 2010

Pita Chips

So this may be super obvious, but I had never thought about it until recently. You see my favorite snack on the planet is Hummus and Pita. Particularly roasted red pepper sabra hummus on flat bread. However, to get my husband to enjoy this snack rather than his suggestion (always ice cream) we have to eat our hummus on pita chips. My first problem with this is that I always assume the more you do to a food the unhealthier it often becomes. My second problem with this is that a bag of pita chips costs somewhere between $3 and $4 and a pack of pita/flat bread (that goes further) is $1-$2.  I recently found this very obvious solution.


  • pita bread (of any sort - we prefer whole wheat)
  • evoo
  • spices of your choosing (i like red pepper or pepper or cinnamon)

  1. Preheat oven to 300
  2. Rip/Cut pita into pieces the size you want to dip with
  3. Brush the pita with evoo
  4. Cook in the oven 10-20 minutes depending on your choice of crunchiness
  5. Voila pita chips :)



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