Monday, November 18, 2013

Foods That Don't Have Folic Acid (Folate)

On rare occasion you may find yourself prescribed a low folate (folic acid) diet perhaps after mtx treatment. While this doesn't seem like a big deal to cope with - you soon find that folic acid is in almost everything - especially on a vegetarian diet. Here is an accounting of some food ideas for when you can not eat folic acid.

  • Apples - while very nutritious apples do not have folic acid (one of the few fruits that you can eat on a low folate diet)
  • Cheese - not so low-fat but an oked food on the low folic acid diet
  • Potato Chips - most regular potato chips have zero or very low folic acid
  • Potatoes - guess what the plain old potatoes also should have zero folic acid
  • Greek Yogurt - well I guess regular yogurt too - but who likes that drippy stuff :) - yogurts often have no folic acid - though make sure you arent adding in ingredients high in folate like black cherries or other fruits or nuts or grains
  • Chocolate - have at it - no folic acid to fear here
  • Beverages - including soda, apple juice, water, coffee, and milk
  • Tofu - unless fortified with folic acid should have zero folate
  • Beef / Chicken / Pork - for you carnivores you should have much less trouble on this diet
  • Sweets - most candy and sugar sweets are zero on the folic acid scale

If you find yourself on this diet - good luck - I never thought I would get sick of cheese - but after only two days on this diet I could go a long time without it.


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