Thursday, October 18, 2012

Persian Tadiq - aka almost burnt rice

A close friend of our family is from Iran and he and his family are the most gracious generous people we know. He always cooks these yummy meals when he comes to visit from his main home in Canada and has been making us tadiq since I was a young girl. There were many things he cooked but this is what we all remember and would drool over. My sister recently found a recipe for it and I had to give it a whirl. Here is my modification of it. My only problem was the crust stuck to the bottom of the pot, so maybe more oil next time? We shall see - it still tasted awesome!

  • 2 cups dry basmati rice (has to be basmati)
  • a smidge of turmeric
  • frozen vegetables (whatever you like i used a stirfry mix)
  • ground crumbles (or ground beef for you carnivores)
  • 2 T butter
  • 4 T oil
  • 2 T salt

  1. Cook ground crumbles and frozen vegetables in a pan and set it aside
  2. Bring water in pot to a boil
  3. Add salt to water
  4. Put rice into bowl and pour water in until the water overflows to rinse the rice. keep rinsing until water runs clear
  5. Add rice to boiling water
  6. Boil for 5 minutes
  7. Put pot into sink and let cold water in it to flow out the starchy foamy water
  8. Pour rice into colander
  9. Put rice into a bowl and mix in meat and veggies
  10. Put pot back onto stove on medium heat
  11. Cover bottom of pot with oil - make sure it is sufficient to allow easy removal
  12. Melt butter and add turmeric in small bowl
  13. Add rice to pot
  14. Poke four holes in rice mound and pour butter mixture into it
  15. Place a clean dish towel over the pot (careful so it doesnt touch burner) and cover tightly with pot cover
  16. Cook for 8 minutes on medium
  17. Turn stove as low as it will go and cook for 35 more minutes
  18. When it is done scoop out all the top rice
  19. Put plate over pot and flip over pot tapping top to make the crust slide out onto plate unbroken
  20. Place crust over rice and serve

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