Monday, October 11, 2010

Veggie Fried Rice

This is my husbands favorite. The only thing I have messed up is one time too much soy sauce. Aside from that its been really easy.


  • brown rice
  • evoo
  • frozen veggies of your choice (we like carrots, peas, mushrooms, onions)
  • eggs/eggbeaters
  • tofu
  • lite soy sauce

  1. Cook brown rice
  2. Pour evoo into pan
  3. Pour some eggs in to cook em up
  4. Once eggs are fried add tofu and veggies to saute
  5. Cook up eggs, tofu, and veggies
  6. Add rice to mixture
  7. Mix up real good and let it brown a little on the bottom
  8. Add soy sauce to mixture to taste
  9. Add spices to taste
  10. Serve and enjoy

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