Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Russian veggie omelet

Ok, this omelet takes a little of time, but its so worth it. My mother and me can eat this pretty much for all of the meals.You will need:

Bell peppers
Herbs (usually parsley and cilantro)
cheese (cheddar)
Few eggs

Saute diced veggies:

1. Peppers first
2. Onions (separately from everything)
3. Tomatoes (diced, DEFINITELY de-seeded)
4. Mix sauteed veggies in one skillet, let them get to know one another
5. Chop up the herbs and throw on top
6. Salt/pepper
7. Breaks a few eggs and pour on top of your colorful mix. Don't scramble it, just break the yolks and kind of spread them over the veggies.
8. Lower the heat a bit (so you don't burn the veggies on bottom) and let it work its magic. It will take a while to cook through, just watch the top and make sure you don't have raw egg. Sometimes I cover the skillet, and that makes it cook a bit faster, but looses some of it's prettiness.

then take it out, cut it up and eat, eat, eat!!

Oh yeah, forgot about the cheese. Throw that before pouring the egg if you want, but usually cheese is too much for me, and the taste is great without it.

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