Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scoopy Baggles.

This is a simplest way to make a mini pizza with as few ingredients that you can. Cooking time - 2 minutes.
For this one, I used just some bagles, an Italian cheese mix, and random pasta sauce.
I usually toast the bagles, if they are soggy, just to make the crusts a bit sturdier. But don't overtoast it, because scooping out will be kind of a pain.
After the bagles are ready, scoop out the bread.
I save the bread for squirrels/birds. After the scooping is done, fill it up with pasta cause and cheese.
 Once filled, pop the bagles into the microwave. Mine takes about 45-50 seconds to become a melty cheezy goodness. Cool them off and ready to nom!

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