Thursday, December 22, 2011

Candied Ginger Recipe

Seeking an ideal finishing touch for my cookie plates this year, I turned to crystallized (candied) ginger. The recipe was actually so easy. Give it a try yourself and save some money on sweet and spicier candied ginger.

  • granulated sugar
  • ginger root

  1. peel and slice 2 ginger roots into coins
  2. pour 3 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar into a pot to under medium heat, stir
  3. once the syrup is warmed add your ginger coins to the mixture, mix and keep an eye on it
  4. after 30 minutes and ginger is tender remove ginger with a strainer (you can save the sweet ginger syrup for homemade ginger ale)
  5. place your ginger in a single layer to dry on a cookie rack
  6. after 5 hours at least your ginger should be dry, fill a bowl with sugar
  7. place ginger in bowl and shake it up
  8. remove ginger and let dry another hour before serving or adding to cookie plate

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