Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lazy quesadilla

Ok, so I have trouble making my toddler eat sometime. By the time I finish making a meal, all of a sudden "he is not hungry".
So, this quesadilla takes literally like 2 minutes to make. All you need is tortillas and cheese. I usually use American cheese slices.

Take a flat ungreased skillet to a medium heat. Flop the tortilla on it. Now, tear up the cheese to place it uniformly on top. Put another tortilla on top. Press with your hand a bit. After about 1 min - turn over and repeat the process, but without pressing this time.

The tortilla will be slightly crunchy and the cheese will be gooey, and I need to make sure it makes it to my son's plate before I "taste it" for readiness, eating it whole.

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